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Oracle Consulting is a nationwide team of highly skilled, experienced and professional CV Writing Specialists. Our Curriculum Vitae service extends beyond your resume. Oracle Consulting's Corporate Profile Experts, Qualified Candidate Behavioural Profiling Assessors, CV Writers, and Recruitment Experts offer their knowledge and experience to the job seeker for a successful South African workforce.

As a team, our decades of Recruitment and Human Resources experience, locally and internationally, are unsurpassed by any other candidate service or organisation within Southern Africa. Our mission is to enable, educate, support and assist the job seeker in all aspects of their job search. The Oracle Consulting CV Package is widely accepted throughout South Africa and abroad as the ideal tool to secure your perfect position.  

Our services include the analysis and compilation of the following career representation documents -

The Professional Curriculum Vitae

Our professional CV writers will make sure that your career experience is clear, and that your responsibilities are detailed. Your new Curriculum Vitae will be designed to market your skills and valuable experience. Getting you that new position is our job, and we will deliver the required documentation that talks. 

In addition, we will proof read your language use and grammar, and remove any negatively influencing aspects of your original CV that may place your application in the unfavourable pile.

The Telephonic Consultation

We will contact you to discuss your current CV and what direction you would like your career to follow. We will assess your strengths and abilities through this consult in order to add beneficial information to your documents. This time is used for us to determine your unique strengths and abilities. The information gathered during this interview will allow us to assess your skills and personalise your documents even further.

The Covering Letter

Oracle Consulting will design, customise, and personalise a professional covering letter for you, highlighting your unique strengths and career goals .This will express to the employer/recruiter what you can do for them and why they should hire you.

Free Interview Success E-Booklet

This E-Booklet contains examples of recruitment questions asked and advice on how to answer them to secure your next job. Furthermore we provide you with free interview tips from the top recruiters and head hunters in South Africa.

The Professional Corporate Profile

All executive candidates have a Corporate Professional Profile. It is an indication of career success. This is a highly valuable document that details your experience and expertise directly to the prospective employer. The document is used in senior and executive level applications and is highly recommended in order to make a beneficial impact with your application at a senior level.

The International Resume

The International Resume is a shortened version of your full Curriculum Vitae. This can be used to create a strong, powerful first impression at a glance. It is essential for international applications, specifically for the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.

The LinkedIn Profile

Online networking is rapidly becoming the most effective means of recruitment. Ensure that your profile is enticing and professional in order to attract the right attention.

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