Meet The Professionals  


Oracle Consulting Professional CV Writers was founded in 2004 by Samantha Worthington. As an expert in the CV writing and recruitment industry, Samantha brought with her over a decade of experience in hands-on Curriculum Vitae analysis and reformatting, recruitment, and executive search. With extensive knowledge in, and a passion for the professional review and compilation of Executive Level Candidate Profiles and International Resumes, Samantha was inspired to create Oracle Consulting, where each and every Professional CV Writer & Consultant is committed to the wellbeing and success of the job seeker.

Based on her extensive professional experience across the recruitment and executive search platforms, Samantha designed the widely endorsed Oracle Consulting Professional Curriculum Vitae Package. Through annual market research and focus groups consisting of recruitment professionals, we ensure that all of our formats are in line with recruitment trends and up to date with human resources regulations. Samantha's candidate coaching and interview preparation tips are based on her own recruitment and selection criteria used for her loyal following of international and local blue chip organisations and clients. These invaluable tips are available as an e-booklet with each and every Professional Curriculum Vitae Package purchased.  

                              The Oracle Consulting Team 

Kate Mayo Professional Candidate Consultant and Interview Coach

BA (Psychology); Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy

With over a decade's experience in recruitment consulting within the UK, Kate brings to Oracle Consulting Services an international perspective to the process of successful job application, effective interview techniques and professional profiling. She has several years experience in writing job related documentation both within the South African market and internationally. With a background in psychology, Kate is a highly intuitive interview coach who offers great insight into the science behind appropriate behaviour and the etiquette to follow to ensure interview success.

Katy Pugh – Professional Language Editor and English Teacher

                                      BA Degree in English Literature and CELTA qualification from International House in London

With a wealth of experience in editing and proof reading academic papers, journals and articles, Katy brings to Oracle advanced expertise and a fresh approach to CV writing. She has 11 years experience in investment consulting within the field of Knowledge Management – both in London and Lisbon, as well as over 5 years experience teaching Business English, experience in creating a grammar database, and co-editing a university financial text book for UCT.

Samantha Worthington – Founder and Professional Candidate Consultant

 With her wealth of experience in recruitment, Samantha offers Oracle Consulting clients effective advice and guidance in the compilation of all representation documents and application procedures.